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F09 Electrical cervical traction chair
  • F09 Electrical cervical traction chair

F09 Electrical cervical traction chair

Electrical cervical traction chair
  • Detailed description
  • F09 Electrical cervical traction chair 



    1.Cervical traction chair is controlled by microcomputer.


    2. All the operations are controlled by microcomputer, such as traction time, traction force ect. Digital display screen for the data.


    3. With functions: automatic testing, automatic compensation, automatic timing, automatic alarm etc.


    4. Continuous, intermittent, hand-operated traction all can be excuted.


    5. Traction force employs the electric sensor. Automatic compensation of the traction force, when the actual traction force is no more than 10% of the setting value, the traction force will compensate to the setting value.


    6. Used for cervical traction.


    7. Made of plastic sprayed steel.


    8. This product is of the reasonable design, safe, economic and reliable use.


    9. Suitable for any various kinds of vertebra disease, traumatic neck vertebra fracture, neck vertebra disorder and dislocation, and. Furthermore, it is also applicable to such clinic symptoms as vertebra dizzleness and headache, unusual blood pressure, sight and language obstructs as well.


    10. It is applicable for the recovery treatment in the medium and small hospitals, hygiene rooms and families.





    traction distance:0-300mm

     total traction time:0-99min 

    traction time:0-9min 

    intermittent time09min

    traction force:0-99Kg 

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